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+41 79 501 51 43
Lausanne, Switzerland

Switzerland Agent:
+41 21 546 20 00

UK Agent :
The Artworks Agency
+44 (0)20 7729 19 73

France Agent :
Creasenso Agency
++33 1 48 00 12 12

Catherine Pearson is a Swiss illustrator based in the hills of Lausanne, Switzerland. With a European Bachelor in illustration, Catherine through her career and experiences has refined a unique and playful style. She is passionate about bringing clients ideas to life and believes illustration can bring you where words cannot.

As the daughter of a Chef, she describes her creative process as a cooking recipe:

Take a fresh idea and cut it in bite-sized pieces. Carefully heat it on all sides until it turns into a crispy sketch. Turn on the graphic tablet on medium heat and add a 1/2 cup of geometric shapes. Slowly add flavor with colors by slowly pouring it into the mixture. 
At this point, you should notice that the illustration is beginning to take shape. Assemble the layers and sprinkle the illustration with the desired amount of textures. 
It is now ready to be served to the client. Bon appétit!

You have a project and you need an illustrator ?
Contact me now and let's get started. Because like peanut
butter and jam, together we will be better !

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Services :
Editorial illustration
Commercial illustration
Packaging illustration
Web illustration
Live Events Animation
Illustration workshop
Charkoral Wall
Customs Painting

Select Clients :
Wall Street Journal
Jones Knowles Ritchie
Welcome to the Jungle
Auzou Suisse
Ivy Press
Agence Cavalcade
Oxford University
La Haute École de Musique de Lausanne
Musées de Pully
Fnac Montreux