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10 facts about us


10 Facts about Us
Personal Project
Year : 2018

en. A series of 10 greetings cards with funny quotes about love and relationships.
fr. Une série de 10 cartes avec des phrases basées sur les relations amoureuses.



  1. Fights with you are like unshaven legs, they're rough.

  2. Life with you is like rice with soy sauce, it’s tastier.

  3. You’re essential like toilet paper after food poisoning.

  4. Travelling with you is like Netflix, it’s addictive.

  5. Arguing with you is like an uncharged smartphone, it's useless

  6. Quickies with you are like instant noodles, they are quick, addictive and hot.

  7. A bed without you is like a place without WIFI, it’s boring.

  8. Life without you is like over boiled eggs, it’s too hard.

  9. A day without talking to you is like coffee without sugar, it’s bitter.

  10. A moment without you is like a Mojito without lime, it's incomplete.


Abstract Shapes of Love.